MissionEdge: Leveraging A History of Success

MissionEdge History

Chainbridge Technologies has leveraged over 15 years of large-scale field operations systems development expertise to produce MissionEdge. This cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application allows users to manage all aspects of their organizational readiness and field operations. From qualifications management and training tracking, to deployments and daily accountability, MissionEdge will help you reduce risk and increase mission effectiveness.

Organizations with tens of thousands of employees rely on our systems every day to conduct complex operations around the world. Our innovative use of cloud, mobile, and GIS technologies, combined with policy and operational subject matter expertise, is applicable to a full spectrum of missions and sectors.

You should know in real time what qualified staff, including subcontractors, are available to deploy. You should also have confidence in your ability to reduce risk by deploying fully qualified personnel. Contact us to discuss how MissionEdge can help you.

Software as a Service

MissionEdge is a full-suite, software as a service (SaaS) operations management product.

MissionEdge allows you to improve your organization’s readiness, field operations, and business intelligence. Manage all the teams in your organization as well as your sub-contractors and partners without losing your top-level awareness.

Key features include qualifications management, training tracking, electronic position task books (ePTBs/eQualbooks), field deployments, in theater daily accountability, team communications, resource sharing, and business intelligence.

MissionEdge can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and via the web, allowing it to be seamlessly and rapidly employed at all operational levels.

MissionEdge is innovative technology designed to increase your ability to effectively conduct your operations. You’ll increase the quality of your deployed personnel and operations, while reducing your risk and liability by having readiness and mission data at your fingertips.

MissionEdge is your workforce management solution.