What is MissionEdge?

Why would your company use MissonEdge?

  • The economy is changing. Your workforce is highly technical, mobile, and distributed. Maintaining a qualified workforce, and being able to demonstrate your readiness to partners and customers, is critical to reduce risk and win new work.

What sort of business areas does MissionEdge serve?

  • Any profession with technical and operational requirements where failure could result in serious consequences. Key industries include engineering, utilities, emergency management, site inspection, HVAC, health care, and cybersecurity.

What other benefits does MissionEdge provide?

  • Hiring and staff retention. An individual with a MissionEdge account can prove that they are fully capable of performing their mission on the day they walk through your door or step onto a job site, and they can use their MissionEdge profile as a specialized, certified, technical resume.

What sort of processes does MissionEdge manage?

  • Qualifications management, training tracking, electronic position task books (ePTBs/eQualbooks), field deployments, downrange daily accountability, team communications, resource sharing, and business intelligence.

How does it work?

  • MissionEdge tools can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and via the web, allowing it to be seamlessly and rapidly employed at all operational levels.

How does the qualifications process work?

  • Your Personnel's qualifications are managed by the authorized staff you designate via an innovative roles and privileges management model. Qualifications include training, certifications, professional experience, education, etc. These are managed through our patent pending electronic Position Task Books or ePTBS.

What is an ePTB?

  • The core of MissionEdge is the electronic Position Task Book, or ePTB. An ePTB tracks every aspect of an individuals qualifications progression, providing transparency and accountability via endorsements awarded by authorized Coaches and Evaluators.